Wednesday, October 17, 2012

OK all of you lovelies.. I know its been a long time sense I updated my blog.. SORRY.. Life happenes and you just need to flow with it.. We moved crossed state with a months notice, that is always fun :)) for transfer in my husbands job..

I did send a couple more bracelets out in the mist of the madness.. Thank you, thank you so for the people that ordered and helped this WONDERFUL GRASS ROOTS CHARITY SANCTUARY FOR KIDS. I know it warms my heart and makes me feel so wonderful everytime I go to the post office and mail one out around the world... It makes it feel smaller everytime I do..

Lets keep it going and make the world even smaller, then it already feels to me!!

To the people that are lucky enough to be going to AT6.. Have a royal blast HUGS AND LOVE ALWAYS..


  1. I think what your doing is AWESOME...i am trying to do something for S4K's. I did come up with an idea but i have no one to bounce it off of....oh well keep up the good work.

  2. Sorry Elaine, Please bounce anytime.. S4K keeps me sane :)

    1. Amanda saved me from falling into the ABYSS. She pulled me out of some VERY dark thoughts and days.